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(monkeh)Tweet Twitter API Issue: JSON parsing failure: Unexpected end of JSON string

Name: JSON parsing failure: Unexpected end of JSON string
ID: 11
Project: (monkeh)Tweet Twitter API
Type: Bug
Area: Administration
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Gordon
Created: 01/19/14 11:14 PM
Updated: 01/30/14 2:32 AM
Description: I have this message for two weeks now. Someone having the same issue?

JSON parsing failure: Unexpected end of JSON string

The error occurred in D:\websites\ldap\twitter\com\coldfumonkeh\base.cfc: line 152
Called from D:\websites\ldap\twitter\com\coldfumonkeh\base.cfc: line 479
Called from D:\websites\ldap\twitter\com\coldfumonkeh\monkehTweet.cfc: line 345
Called from D:\websites\ldap\twitter\twitterfeed.cfm: line 11

150 :       <cfargument name="data"    required="true"             type="string" hint="The data returned from the API." />
151 :          <cfif getparseResults()>
152 :             <cfreturn DeserializeJSON(arguments.data) />
153 :          <cfelse>
154 :             <cfreturn serializeJSON(DeserializeJSON(arguments.data)) />

History: Created by flashhgordon (Gordon M) : 01/19/14 11:14 PM

Comment by flashhgordon (Gordon) : 01/21/14 6:53 AM
I saw an article in zdnet: Twitter enforces SSL encryption for apps connecting to its API

I went to Connecting to Twitter API using SSL on twitter.


Will there be an update on this for monkehtweet?

Comment by coldfumonkeh (Matt Gifford aka coldfumonkeh) : 01/21/14 8:40 AM
Thanks Gordon. I'll have a look and update the package if needed asap.

Comment by merdjemak (Yacine Merdjemak) : 01/22/14 12:51 PM
Experiencing the same issue since Dec. 19, 2013. Current twitter feed is broken on website. I would appreciate if a fix is provided as soon as possible.

Comment by flashhgordon (Gordon) : 01/28/14 3:22 AM
Thanx matt

Comment by flashhgordon (Gordon) : 01/30/14 2:32 AM

I resolved the problem. I saw you updated your code at github. Thanx for that.

However the problem is in the Coldfusion application server.

For answers refer to this article. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20624271/issues-with-monkehtweets-and-coldfusion

Check the last answer from jk. Did it for me.

Thank you again Matt and for your fantastick monkehtweet.

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