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(monkeh)Tweet Twitter API Issue: Places & Geo are not working

Name: Places & Geo are not working
ID: 10
Project: (monkeh)Tweet Twitter API
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Sean Ford
Created: 10/23/13 11:40 AM
Updated: 01/15/14 2:34 PM
Description: I'm trying to use some of the Place methods in the latest version of MonkehTweets and the methods do not work. In looking at the code, methods such as geoSearch appear to reference old code with functions like checkStatuscode, and makeGetCall.

I've tried to rebuild this function to be similar to the new format, but get an authentication error from Twitter.

Also, the variable arguments.street_address on line 1070 needs an if statement around it as it is not always defined.

History: Created by seanford (Sean Ford) : 10/23/13 11:40 AM

Comment by seanford (Sean Ford) : 10/23/13 1:23 PM
I was able to fix these methods...let me know how I can submit the updated files.

Comment by coldfumonkeh (Matt Gifford aka coldfumonkeh) : 01/15/14 2:34 PM
Sean, you can email them to me (coldfumonkeh at gmail) or commit them to the Github repository - https://github.com/coldfumonkeh/monkehTweets

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